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29th April 2007

dustbunnies71010:27pm: Sailor Song
Hello =]
My name is Samantha and I've been a Reginaholic for many a years now.

My friend showed me this community, coincidentally enough, right after I finished making my first big Regina graphic.
Anyways this community was just adorable, so I had to join and I thought I would share my graphic with you guys.

I was listening to "Sailor Song" and it inspired me to make this.

Does it matter that our anchors couldn't even reach the bottom of a bathtubCollapse )
Current Mood: accomplished

Man, take a pound, take

13th October 2006

soviette_kitsch4:15pm: The hour approaches even closer--
So this is me:

You will probably remember my glasses.  I am the blonde one.  Please find me at the show.

I will also be patrolling the line with cards for Regina to sign to give to her.  So watch out for that, too!
So see you in Deetroit.

Man, take a pound, take 8

20th September 2006


Would anyone be interested in a travelling Regina journal?
Also, I think everyone should look at this community's interests where it says, "Amanda Palmer, and a beer chaser,".

Man, take a pound, take 1

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