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project_regina's Journal

Just grab your Sharpie--
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Never allow Regina to leave a performance empty-handed.

This community was created to organize and coordinate fans of Regina Spektor, so that they can share and express their love for her most efficiently ♥.

Basically, I made this community so I can get people together to help me create a multi-fan fantastipresent for the lady herself when I see her in October. But I think it will be a lovely environment for people to share Regina inspired art/gifts/music and coordinate projects to bring to her at shows, or fanmail to send, or meetings at the shows...etc.

All posts to be FRIENDS ONLY so we can feel like a secret society.
Large pictures to go under a cut
Reginalinks are in the sidebar if you want to find other Reginatopics.
If you're posting about something you are planning on giving her, also post the date(s) you plan on seeing her.
Tour dates are also in the sidebar, for quick reference.

Don't Be Mean


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